Have you ever just sat and listened?

The voices around you boom with an excited sense of life. Petty worries and gossip fly out of gaping mouths while hips are popped out and hands are put into motion. If you focus, you can hear the music pouring out of the headphones of the young one sitting near to you- an angry medley that bleats its language into her mind and eardrums. The patter of the rain outside soaks the ground you walked on just that morning- grassy and solid earth has turned into a slippery mound of land. You hear the air conditioning flip on, blowing air that chills your bones and flutters your papers.

It is extremely easy to to bitter and distracted by all these sounds. Stupid weather, pointless conversations, wasted energy, and lonely sounds. Every now and then I find myself frustrated, wishing I could make the rambling stop. Wondering if somewhere in the world there exists a magic pair of earbuds to block everything out and be alone in my own mind.

But this frustration is put to the death when I finally am alone. The suffocating desire to be with people, to connect with them, to hear what they have to say and to understand. I wonder why…. You spend the entire day waiting for silence and then once you have it you wish for noise.

Don’t take over the world without me


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