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So, I am an avid reader. And by avid reader I mean I have zero social life and books are my only friends. I have very strong opinions on books and the characters in them (ex Iago from Shakespear’s Othello can go… Insert something mean of your choice here).

Being a teenager, I do my fair share of reading teen fiction along with the rest of my collection. Recently, I finished the novel Me and Earl and The Dying Girl. (It’s being made into a movie, and it looked decent in the preveiws, but I refuse to see the movie before reading the book). My reaction to the book was…less than satisfied.

You see, the first few chapters were hilarious. Absolutely laugh-out-loud, mother-thinks-I’m-possessed-I’m-laughing-so-loud funny. But after a while, your start getting into some serious stuff- abandoment, cancer, drugs, all that. The narrator/main character, Greg, began to seem… How do i say this nicely… Unintelligent. Immature. Not capable of grasping the real world.

I found myself very annoyed when he described death as a joke and divorce as desirable. I know that part of his character is being kind of ‘out of it’, but come on man. It was unrealistic how oblivious he was.

Moving on. The 3 main characters (Greg, Earl, and Rachel) we’re very near impossible to connect with. That’s a HUGE thing for me- I need to know the characters. I need to understand them. It was near impossible with these. They all seemed emotionless through the entirety of the novel. I had no sympathy or empathy or anything for them.

Now, with all that said, there was one point towards the end that made me cry like a baby. I won’t spoil it for you, but let’s just say that Greg’s regret got the best of me.

On a scale of 1-20 (1 bad and 20 good) I’d give the book as a whole about a 11. Not terrible, but not really worth reading.

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