Very Nice People

There are several people I dislike. The girl who lied about my closest friends to get them in trouble, the middle-school math teacher who refused to give me help of any kind, the boy who bullied me in the 6th grade…. The list is long and exhausting.


I have more positive influences in my life then I realized before. These people- while they do drive me absolutely up the wall at times- have completely changed me.

Like my family, that makes me look normal with their awesome bizzare-ness (thanks for driving me bananas in the best way and for being my safe place).

Or the literature teacher who helps me through my rough stuff (thanks for being there when I need you. Even though it does take a bit of work to get me out of my shell).

Or the boy who listens to me rant and freak out but still somehow likes to be around me (thank you for making me feel like I mattered, and for not getting mad at me when I was annoying).

Or the girl who I barely knew but talked me through my French class (Your obsession with Doctor Who and your perfect French pronunciation was phenominal. You’re cool).

Or the kid who spends 3 hours on a bus a day kidding around with me and being amazing (THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME IN GENERAL. I love your face).

Or the chick who’s bubbly spirit never fails to pick me up (thanks for introducing me to some incredable music and for being wierd and cool and one of the best people around).

Or the dude at the pizza place today who held the door for me (by the way, thank you for that. You were on the phone, so I didn’t say it to your face. But thanks.)

The list of mean people may be long, but the list of nice people who have made extreme difference in my life is infinite. And keeps growing.

So. Thank you. You’re awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re awesome.

Don’t take over the world without me!


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