A current classic: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

the notebook

So. Before this week, I had avoided this book like the plague. My experience with books that have been raved about I actually don’t care for (exhibit A: The Fault In Our Stars. No hate on John Green( Looking For Alaska was wayyyyyyyy better) but I’ve never been his biggest fan. Don’t kill me fangirls. Sorry.).

I was in this awesome, absolutely ginormous secondhand bookstore by where I lived when I came across my copy. I stopped and picked it up, saw it was only 2$, and thought “Why not?”. And so it found its way into my hands.

This book…. Goodness gracious.

It was definitely chick lit. One hundred percent. And classic boy gets girl, boy looses girl, boy gets girl back. HOWEVER. It was written in a format kind of like Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (PHENOMENAL BOOK. Hands down one of my top ten. I strongly recommend it.) in the sense that it was told sort of backwards- it began after everything happened and then went back in time to tell the story. I usually don’t care for this style, because it’s not usually done right. In this case however, it worked. I wanted to know how he got there, I wanted to know who the girl he used to love was, and soon enough, I found myself wanting a love like Allie and Noah’s.

I won’t rave about it too much, given the fact that I’m probably the last person on the planet to finally be Notebook-ed.

Scale of one to twenty, I give it a solid 16- excellent writing, beautiful story, but it was kind of exactly like every other Sparks’s novel.

….I love it. Now excuse me while I go cry for an hour BECAUSE SHE FINALLY REMEMBERED. 😉

Don’t take over the world without me


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