First World Problems: The Struggle Is Real

A little something happened recently that inspired this post. Allow me to tell a quick story.

So once upon a time there was a class called Precalculus. This class’s teacher required every student to bring in some form of technology every day to use for assignments. As luck would have it, I had just bought a laptop (literally a 10-year-old Mac from an online refurbisher) the week prior and began to bring it everyday. I found myself saving ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING onto this computer- pictures, music, all that jazz. Now, in this PreCalc class, I sit next to my best friend- let’s call him Idiot. Now, Idiot loves to mess with me because I’m quite good at controlling my emotions in public and he just wants to see me get pissed and embarrass myslef. In class that day, we were using our devices to do some graph-the-function-using-triangles-and-unit-circle-insert-math-language-here-oh-god. Idiot thinks it would get him a laugh to come over and shut down my computer by pressing down the power button. At first I was all “haha ok Idiot whatever” and then… IT HAPPENED.

If you’ve never bought refurbished technology before, allow me to enlighten you. You have no idea what problems the technology had before or how people fixed it. The programming can be… dicey. Iffy. It can decide to delete everything you had on that device when you shut it down and require you to reinstall and reboot and re-everything. Needless to say I was ticked at Idiot (he didn’t succeed at his prank because I didn’t loose my temper. Idiot was super embarrassed, he kept trying to fix it, blah blah blah. He did manage to get some things back, but not all. He was more freaked out than me. It was hilarious.).

So now, about 24 hours later, I’ve got most of my stuff back and teased Idiot relentlessly about it.

This whole thing made me realize how as first-world societies, we’ve become so relient on technology. Who would’ve thought 100 years ago that we’d all be talking through glowing screens to people across the world? It’s a pretty incredible thing, but it has drawbacks.For example, if I leave my cell phone at home, all day long I’m paranoid that I’m missing out on something fun or important. Or the fact that not saving a document can literally cost you 4 hours of your life.

I wonder what would happen if we all stepped back 40 years, away from fancy phones and special tablets.  Would we be happier? More relaxed? Less worried? Or just way more bored?

Maybe we should start leaving our devices at home on purpose, just to really be able to see the world again.

Who am I kidding. I’m never going to leave my phone at home on purpose. I might miss out on something. (IRONY LOL I THINK IM SO FUNNY.I’ll let myself out now.)

Don’t take over the world without me.


2 thoughts on “First World Problems: The Struggle Is Real

  1. I heard this story from my Dad where this guy left his CEO job and went to the forest to grow his farm and live there without any form of technology, he say he couldn’t have been any happier!
    But for NO WAY, I just can’t fathom a life without my phone ha😂

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