The Travel Diary: Part 1

2am, Eastern Time Zone (8am in Frankfurt, Germany)

I am currently sitting in a dingy German airport, doing things like checking email, updating teachers, and freaking out over an assignment that didn’t get turned in. It’s almost like I never left the USA at all.

I am on my way to Paris, France to stay for two days, then to Italy to explore some of the northern cities. Europe is my weakness; I love everything about the attitude, the scenery, and most importantly, the food.

Now, the only problem with going to see the world is getting there. I dispise planes. They’re dirty. They’re loud. And I always end up sandwiched between the creepy dude with his hood up who refuses to blow his nose and the 80 year old man who doesn’t think deodorant is “in”. I’m also petrified of plummeting into the ocean from 10 billion feet inside of a metal tube of death. I guess swimming across the Atlantic Ocean is always an option, but I’m a) lazy and b) fat. So no.

One more 2 hour flight to go, and I’m in Paris. Pray that I don’t die.

Don’t take over the world without me.


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