The latest: Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling.


First things first, I ADORE MINDY. She is hands-down one of my favorite comedians/actresses/writers out there. I also read her first book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)) and absoluetly loved it, so I had pretty high expectations for this one.

In the introduction, Mindy said how her first book had kind of been the childhood-high-school-success-story thing that people wanted to see. This time, it would be a different side of her- not trying to reach people/s expectations, just to express herself in a more personal way; to show the real Mindy.

Lemme say this: if this is the real Mindy, she’s way better than the fake one.

In her book, she allows you to look into more personal expiriences that are unique to her- not generic ones that everyone can relate to. Mindy lets you peek into what her everyday life is really like.

From all of the things of hers that I’ve seen her create, she has always been very honest and very down-to-earth. She isn’t trying to pass herself off as one of the plastic surgery-ed white ladies on the red carpet. She address this is the book- how it actually feels to be an average-sized woman in Hollywood, as well as how she actually compares to her character on The Mindy Project.

With this book, she lets no one down. Mindy’s blend of optimism with an endless stream of sarcasm keeps you drawn into her essays, and combined with a never-resting ambition, I couldn’t put this book down.

Don’t take over the world without me.


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