Quite An Awkward Discovery To Make

…I don’t have any friends.


I mean, I’m not even trying to present myself as some stoic bad-a** who doesn’t have time for peasants…I just don’t seem to have many… friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I have people I talk to and all that jazz, but they’re more kind of like… work associates? Who I don’t talk to outside of school? I guess? Does that even work as a metaphor?

I dunno…

I think my definition of “friend” is very different from most people’s. I refuse to have shallow friendship (gossip and boys and grades and boys and basically all this crap that doesn’t matter), which is unfortunately all that seems to exist in high school.

It also doesn’t put me in a position to become very popular. I don’t strive for popularity as much as I do companionship. When I see the pictures of the pretty, blonde, much-skinnier-than-I-will-ever-be girls all at parties together and texting and marching around the cafeteria like they own the place (meanwhile either I’m at home with Pride and Prejudice, on Buzzfeed, or sitting at a table full of guy-friends who don’t actually want me there), I get kind of lonely, I guess.

I want friends. Desperately. I’m not sure what it is that I do different that makes me just that different from the rest of them, but apparently I am…

Don’t take over the world without me.


4 thoughts on “Quite An Awkward Discovery To Make

  1. It gets lonely sometimes, but you know what? You CAN make friends. If not at school, then on here. If people can’t realise how amazing you are, they don’t DESERVE to be your friends. Trust me on that.

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  2. Like Elm said, you CAN make friends. It won’t be this way forever. You’ve just got to trust in other people and in yourself and not be nervous when it comes to opening up to people. Once you do, they’ll see how amazing you are.

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