The 2016 Soul of Stories


…I don’t know what that was.

Hi! So, this is a little bit less formal of a blog post than what I usually do. Since we just started the new year, I thought that I should share what you can expect from Soul Of Stories for the next 12 months.

First and foremost, I’m going to be posting longer, more often. Looking back, I don’t really have any kind of schedule or pattern to my blogging- after this semester starts and I’m able to see what my time is going to be like, I’ll give you a fancy official day that I’ll publish on.

Secondly, one of my most popular posts is the recipe for those nutella-cookie-gooey-bar-nightmare things, the collab that I did with the blog urban life xo. I got a lot of comments and emails that wanted more of that kind of thing, hence, I will give you more foody-type stuff.

Also new this year- I am trying to get more connected with the people who read my blog and follow me here on WordPress- therefore I have made a tumblr (linked here), a twitter that I am slowly but surely getting addicted to (linked here) and a Goodreads account that I’m not sure how to use but I am working on it (linked here). Hopefully you can go and follow those and I can start to get to know you better! (Btw, I also do follow back as much as I possibly can on all of these websites, so no worries there.)

Be sure to email me with any suggestions, comments, or even ideas that you would like to see happen!


Don’t take over the world without me.


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