Sooo… Earlier this month I made a post, telling you what you can expect from your favorite blog ;). I said, and I quote, “I got a lot of comments and emails that wanted more of that…hence, I will give you more foody-type stuff.”

Wanting to keep my promise, I set to work to find a cute, hopefully pink, Valentine’s day treat to show you how to make.

It…did not go as planned.

I found a recipe for these adorable little strawberry-and-chocolate-chip-pink-cookie-cute-things. I bought all the stuff, baked it, took pictures, wrote out the post… They looked great! Pink, aesthetic, and perfect.


I mean, they’re not horrible, but they’re most definitely not good. My mother was horrified, and my dad told me to label them as ‘vegan’ so they wouldn’t seem as bad.

I don’t want to pass on an awful recipe! Therefore… no pink cookies for you, I guess.

Man…. I was really excited for them, too…


Oh well.

Don’t take over the world without me.


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