My Strange Addiction


My favorite show of all time is Parks & Recreation. A friend recommended it and boom! Love at first episode.

What I didn’t think would happen with finding a new show is  watching 5 seasons in 3 days.

Does time even work like that?

Whenever I get into a new show or book or whatever, I get really into it. Example: I recently started watching The Office (US) and haven’t been anywhere other than my school and my bed with my laptop in days.

I know that I’m not the only one who does this, which is both a good and a bad thing. Our generation tends to get really into things, meaning that we are some of the most passionate and dedicated people ever to exist. It also means that we get bored easily though, and constantly seek entertainment. We don’t like doing nothing. 

I remember one time when I was in elementary school reading the Harry Potter series. I was only on the second novel when the seventh was released, but I didn’t care. I waited outside of the bookstore until midnight to get my hands on the brand-new release.

That’s kind of who we are- the kind of people who look forward to the newest things and when they’re finished, write insane fiction and draw incredible art starring those characters. A lot of young people take their passions and use them to create– something that most people don’t do.

Our fascination with the stories in books and movies have prompted us to become one of the most productive, determined generation in history!

At least, this is what I tell myself so I don’t feel guilty for my Grey’s Anatomy binges.

Don’t take over the world without me.


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