What It’s Like To Not Wear Makeup For Forty Days

I am a 100% die-hard makeup person. I love putting it on, wearing it, experimenting with new looks, trying new products, etc. Absolutely in love with it.

For Lent this year (yes, the bizarre liberal chick who swears too much is in fact a Christian) I gave that makeup up. (You don’t know what lent is about? Just google it. I don’t feel like going into it. I’m too lazy.)  

I don’t wear it out of insecurity or desire to look prettier (even though I probably should… O.o)- I wear it simply because I like it. It’s somewhat of a creative outlet for me.

I remember my initial reason for wanting to give it up being that I felt like I was wearing too much and wanted to give myself (and my acne) a break.

Walking into school that first day, clean-faced and natural, I was more scared than I’d like to admit. Some of my friends are the type who are not afraid to tell you when you look bad, and most people agree with them. I didn’t want anyone to hate my face!

So I walk into first block aaaand….. nothing. No one cared. I even got a couple compliments that day.

Since I stopped wearing it, I’ve noticed a couple of things. First, my acne has finally begun to clear itself up. Second, dry skin has gone bye-bye. Third…

I miss it. Winged eyeliner is an art and mastering a red lip is talent of the purest form. I feel almost as if I gave up something that benefits me and my mindset. There’s nothing quite like stepping out of the house with an on-point contour.

So, with Easter right around the corner, by makeup fast is almost over.

I won’t miss it.

Don’t take over the world without me.


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